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Membership Benefits

What A Trade Association Can Do For You

It’s important to keep in mind AGC, Akron Division, is a trade association, not a union. So, what’s the difference?

A trade association is an organization founded and funded by contractor businesses. We participate in public relations, advertising, education, and other services that promote our industry. Our focus is to create collaboration between contracting companies with similar goals. 

Our specific mission is to promote understanding, high standards, and good relations on behalf of our contractors with the construction industry and the communities they operate in. 

If you’re interested in joining our association or learning more about how we can help you, contact us today.

Specific Benefits Of AGC Membership

As the leading trade association in our industry, we offer innumerable benefits to our members. The following list covers a handful of them, but we’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have an additional advantages of association membership.

Meetings & Networking

  • Regular Meetings: Active members have the right to hold officer positions, sit on a number of unique committees, and vote at all regular membership meetings. Please consult our our bylaws for additional information.
  • Immediate Industry Information: One of our primary function is to ensure members are always up-to-date on industry-related topics. Our meetings keep members informed of current events that are or could affect contractors. We also offer an online resource library to ensure members have immediate access to important documentation.
  • Networking Events: A connected community is a stronger one, which is why we hold a number of networking events throughout the year. We extend invitations to building officials and local politicians to give our members to opportunity meet and greet the community officials affecting our local construction industry.

Safety & Education

  • Safety: We not only provide members with information on OSHA changes, but offer federal and state labor law posters, the use of an extensive library stocked full with safety training materials, and discounted pricing on all safety equipment purchases.
  • Education and Training: We believe knowledge is key to staying safe in the field and offer classes to instruct members on operating safer job sites. In addition to safety training, we hold additional educational classes throughout the year on a variety of topics.
  • Technology: We make extensive use of iPad technology and are an industry leader in iPad training. We take pride in being a paperless association.


  • Government and Industry Representation: We represent member interests at the national, state and local government levels, as well as all industry levels. This includes the Tri-County Building trades, local building officials, and municipalities where our members work.
  • Labor Relations: We represent members in contract negotiations and administration with the Carpenters and Laborers. Representation is not limited to negotiation – we help with any type of day-to-day issue. Our association is actively engaged with local unions to maintain a productive working relationship and better our industry.
  • Union Representation: We’re partners with the Carpenters Union and Akron Laborers No. 894.
  • AGC of Ohio and National Dues: Members can get a portion of their state and national AGC dues reimbursed annually.

Reputation & Recognition

  • Our Local Reputation: We have clout. Many governmental bodies and organizations recognize us as the policy leader for our industry.
  • Participate in Award Programs: We proudly support the Build Ohio awards program each and every year. This allows our local contractors to get statewide recognition on projects they’ve worked on. Visit the Associated General Contractors of Ohio’s Build Ohio page for more information.
Resource Downloads Our Knowledge At Your Fingertips

A core part of our mission is ensuring our members have immediate access to the latest industry information. Whether it's an updated wage sheet or safety accountability letter, our resource library is always just a click or tap away.

Upcoming Events Engage With The AGC Community

We believe a connected association is a stronger one. To that end, we offer a robust schedule of educational and social networking events that allow our members opportunities to improve their skillsets while forging lasting bonds within our industry.

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