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Suggested Reading: Cybersecurity For Construction Firms Categories: Construction Industry News

According to Construction Drive, private company data on employee computers has made businesses across many industries attractive targets for hacks, and the construction sector, like many others, is unprepared for an attack.

2019 Construction Industry Jobs Report Categories: Construction Industry News

Construction employment increased by 21,000 jobs in June and by 224,000, or 3.2 percent, over the past 12 months, while the number of unemployed jobseekers with construction experience fell, according to an analysis of new government data.

Suggested Reading: How To Become A Skilled Tradesperson Categories: Construction Industry News

Popular Mechanics recently published an article discussing the benefits of pursuing a career as a tradesperson and how the process works. It does a nice job of explaining industry stereotypes, why they're incorrect, and how rewarding our path is.

Resources For Construction Job Seekers Categories: Construction Industry News

Timing is everything. If you receive interest from a potential hire, but you’re not currently hiring – don't let them walk away without sharing more details about how they can begin their career in construction.

Suggested Reading: Top Three Reasons To Join The Construction Industry Categories: Construction Industry News

If you're constantly looking to add talented hires to your team, this I Build America - Ohio article's a great way to start a conversation about how the construction industry makes sense for many people.

Suggested Reading: Construction Labor Shortage Creates Career Paths Categories: Construction Industry News

Forbes Magazine recently published an article outlining how the construction labor shortage is expected to amplify in the coming years, resulting in more, better opportunities for young people interested in pursing a career in the trades.

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